Copyright infringement

It has been brought to my attention that one of my images, GPCR in a phospholipid bilayer, has been in use by several commercial sites without my permission. The image I currently have on my site has a logo watermark across the entire image, so where these companies got an unmarked image is puzzling.

Here’s one culprit identified: Creative BioMart. Here is is on their front page:

Screenshot 2.17.2018 creative biomart featured services

Just now I did a Google image search with “GPCR creative biomart” and here it is! Conveniently cropped to not show my signature.

google search 2.15.2018

Another culprit brought to my attention, North Coast Bio. They have it displayed with 7TM receptors, in an announcement dated December 5, 2012!

Screenshot 2.17.2018 north coast biologics 7TM

This appeared in Google image search:

2nd google search 2.15.2018

There is a chance I posted this image to either this site or my portfolio site years ago after I created it and didn’t have a watermark on it, but that doesn’t give free reign to take and use it for their commercial products. I am currently investigating this and I will be talking with some people to see what I can do about it. At the very least I’d like it taken down from their sites, or they can ask my permission and pay to continue using it.

There is also a chance other images of mine are out there being used without my knowledge or permission and I may never know, but I can at least try to do something about this one.

A PSA to those out there reading this and thinking of using an image found on Google for your commercial products – DON’T. Unless you find the original creator and ask for specific permission to use that image for a specific purpose. There is a high probability you will need to pay for that usage. Otherwise you risk legal action and fees.

Also, register your works with I’ve learned my lesson!