About the Blogger

My name is Lauren Hamm, and this is my medical illustration blog.

I’m 26 years old, currently living in Chicago, IL. I came here to attend the University of Illinois Chicago to study biomedical visualization for a master’s degree, which I received in May of 2012.  I received my bachelor’s degree in medical illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2009.  My home is in northern Virginia, where I have spent most of my latter years growing up.  I’m the child of a Marine, so most of my younger childhood was spent moving around the country and once around the world.  I love cities, though, one reason why I chose to come to Chicago for school.  The other reason I chose UIC biomedical visualization is that I enjoy working with cadavers. Seriously. My original career goal was to become a forensic anthropologist, but that was quelled when I realized I’d have to take several chemistry courses and I just really suck at chemistry. Anyway, medical illustration is a growing field with all these new and developing fandangled technologies that UIC has that makes visualizing anatomy really cool, and I want to be a part of that.

I’ll be using this blog to track my personal work progress or any other interesting biomedical things I find that I feel should be shared. My artwork can be viewed on my portfolio site, laurehamm.com.

Find me on LinkedIn where I have my professional profile. I am currently working at UIC in the College of Medicine Department of Medical Education Distance Education Office as an Information Research Specialist for the Creative Development of Multimedia (mouthful, yes) where I’ve worked on creating online modules and virtual environments using Maya, Unity, and SecondLife for the online education of medical professionals, as well as assisting in creating and editing multimedia materials such as lectures, videos, and presentations. I also am in charge of making sure the DME’s websites are accessible, and with managing MHPE course content on Blackboard.


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