About the Blogger

My name is Lauren Hamm, and this is my medical illustration blog.

I’m 31 years old, currently living in Chicago, IL. I came here to attend the University of Illinois Chicago to study biomedical visualization for a master’s degree, which I received in May of 2012.  I received my bachelor’s degree in medical illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2009.  My home is in northern Virginia, where I have spent most of my latter years growing up.  I’m the child of a Marine, so most of my younger childhood was spent moving around the country and once around the world.  I love cities, though, one reason why I chose to come to Chicago for school.  The other reason I chose UIC biomedical visualization is that I enjoy working with cadavers. Seriously. My original career goal was to become a forensic anthropologist, but that was quelled when I realized I’d have to take several chemistry courses and I just really don’t enjoy chemistry. Anyway, medical illustration is a growing field with all these new and developing fandangled technologies that UIC has that makes visualizing anatomy really cool, and I want to be a part of that.

I’ll be using this blog to track my personal work progress or any other interesting biomedical things I find that I feel should be shared. My artwork can be viewed on my portfolio site, laurehamm.com.

Find me on LinkedIn where I have my professional profile. I am currently working at the Emergency Nurses Association where I am an instructional designer for the continuing education of emergency nurses. I get to apply my anatomy/physiology knowledge as well as my medical illustration skills to online courses.


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