New Website!


I have yet again redone my entire website. This time though I am having it published through WordPress. My site host is FatCow, and I have had it hosted there since college, but have never fully investigated into the services they provide until a couple days ago. I noticed that they have WordPress as a partner, and that I could have my site published through WordPress but keep my same domain. Perfect! I deleted all my old files and started from scratch using WordPress’ functionalities and design templates. The final result is clean, responsive, and works great. I was able to finish building it in a much faster time than if I had done it on my own through Dreamweaver. My main concern in remaking my site was to have it responsive and mobile-friendly. It was with its previous design, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, and I was getting tired of searching the Internet for responsive gallery templates and working with all the scripts that go with them. As much as I’d like to be able to, especially after years of using HTML and CSS and all that, I still cannot start with a blank page from scratch and build a really nice website, especially if it needs Javascript or JQuery.

It’s still at And I’m sure more visual changes will be happening from time to time but for now I really like it. Now I need to make more art to showcase. Which I have, but only two pieces. Both of which I made to show in my Medical Illustrator Sourcebook ad that will be coming out later this year.


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