Finished Graduate Thesis

I presented my graduate project today. Overall I think it went pretty well. I of course had some technical issues right from the start, I didn’t have the right adapter to connect my own PC to the television we use to show presentations, so I had to borrow a Mac that had the right port. So I also had to quickly republish my project to use on a Mac OS, thankfully the publishing only takes a couple minutes. But then a few minutes into the presentation the television shut off, and then a few minutes after that the battery on the Mac died, and so I had to transfer all of my files to another Mac instead of waiting for the dead one to restart. But otherwise I got through the presentation pretty smoothly, and I think I managed to speak for at least 30 minutes. I was conscientiously trying to talk slower and pause before clicking to the next slide. The application itself worked fine too, all the buttons and interactivity worked how they were supposed to. Afterwards there was some good discussion among the crowd about how my project could be effective, and just the overall impact of pelvic floor disorders. There’s still some revisions to be done, one local staff member who specializes in pelvic floor education and sat in on the presentation said the interactive was a good starting board. But in general, it went well and I’m glad to be done.Image