Medical Illustration Source Book 27

So I’ve decided to purchase an ad page in the next Medical Illustration Sourcebook. I was originally put off by the price, but I did it anyway for a couple reasons. One, it will get me to make new artwork for the ad. I’ve been lacking in motivation, and time, to create new works and I need to keep up on my skills. The ad design is due in February so I have some time to get new pieces together. Two, it will get my name out there (networking!) Three, hopefully it will get me some good freelancing work. The payment gets me one year in the book and two years of an online portfolio on the medillsb website. The illustrator feedback from previous and continuous years’ usage of the book seems promising, anyway. Several of the companies advertised have up to four pages, and I figure that if they can afford, and want, to continuously have several pages of ads, then it must be working for them.

So, everyone should buy the 27th Sourcebook and then send me some projects to do 😉


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